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ESA Community Intermissions

Disappointed that the best glitches of your favourite speedgame are never used in the actual run? Do you feel the urge to educate the world about hidden gems that rarely or never s…

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Tech volunteering for ESA Summer 2019


Like every year, we will seek the help of volunteers who would like to help run the stream that everyone at home watches.

This year, we are looking to recruit about 12 volunteers in total. These volunteers will be working alongside seven senior tech in teams of two. These senior tech are trusted, returning volunteers w…

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ESA Summer 2019 - Schedule Release


You can now find the schedules for both stream on our website:

If you wish to re-watch the live reveal, you’ll be able to do so __[HE…

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Prize Submission for ESA Summer 2019 is live

Hey Girls and Boys, Artists and Crafters, Blacksmiths and Alchemists,

ESA is happy to announce that the Prize Submission for our Summer Event is open from now on.
Have you dra…

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ESA Summer 2019 - First Round of Accepts/"Cuts" and moving forward


Once again, a massive thank you for all your ESA Summer 2019 submissions. The overall quality is incredibly high, making decisions very difficult and it cannot be stressed …

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ESA Summer 2019 Attendee Guide


This year ESA Summer is in aid of the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation. Alzheimerfonden is a highly regulated charity that’s qualified for a 90-account. In Sweden, only the best ranked charities are able to get a 90-account, meaning 90% of their funds are going straight to either research …

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ESA Summer 2019 - Submission Information

ESA Summer 2019 is ESA’s flagship speedrunning meetup. It will be held in the spacious convention space of the [Quality Hotel View, Malmö](

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An apology regarding hotel booking - and moving forward

To all attendees,

I would like to bring forth an apology of the organising group to any persons who have, over the weekend, attempted to contact the hotel to book a larger room at ESA Summer.

Without our knowledge or permission, it has come to light that booking within our block of rooms was opened in January to those who were reso…

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ESA Summer 2019 - Master Post

ESA Summer 2019 is ESA’s flagship speedrunning meetup. It will be held in the voluminous convention space of the [Quality Hotel View, Malmö](

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ESA TwitchCon Europe 2019 - MASTER INFO POST

13th & 14th April 2019
CityCube, Berlin

Master Post

For the first TwitchCon Europe, ESA will be there, sh…

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