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About ESA

The European Speedrunner Assembly is a charity focused event organisation with two major fundraising gaming marathons and several side events throughout the year. Our two main events, ESA Summer and Winter, bring together 400 gamers from around the world for one whole week to complete games as fast as possible while raising money for a cause.


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One hobby, one passion, one goal. The European Speedrunner Assembly Summer Marathon has returned and will stream its charity event from 20th-27th July, 2019. After the successful relocation of ESA Summer to the Quality View Hotel in the city of Malmö last year, we are excited to announce that next to our amazing growth of the event, we also have new attractions, such as a speedrun tournament hosted by the Speedgaming crew, waiting for our attendees.

A fine selection of varied runs such as a Super Mario Sunshine Relay Race organised by Fuzzyness with over 100 participants, a Zelda: A link to the Past Crowd Control speedrun, where runner TGH will be at the mercy of Twitch chat and a Borderlands 2 any% coop speedrun by Mr_Brood and Gundrake alongside old classics have been selected to bring fun, entertainment and speedrunning once again to our viewers at home. We are also happy to announce that the well received $25% run from our Winter event will make its comeback in form of two runs featuring Yakuza 2 and GTA Vice City.

All donations during the event will go directly towards Alzheimerfonden.

About Alzheimerfonden:
Alzheimerfonden is a Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation which supports all types of research on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia diseases. Applications for grants are assessed according to scientific quality. The goal of the Council’s work is to get maximum dividends on the research money for affected patients and their relatives. Alzheimerfonden also encourage collaboration between researchers at different universities.
The goal of the Alzheimerfonden is to be an important research financier in this work. In the absence of effective medicines, it is also important to research the best preventive measures for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Numbers from the last events

ESA Winter 2019:

Amount of donations collected: 30.080$
Number of attendees on site: 125 (SOLD OUT EVENT)
Average viewers on stream: 9.670

ESA Movember 2018:

Amount of donations collected: 7.199$
Average viewers on stream: 2.827

ESA Summer 2018:

Amount of donations collected: 121.229$
Number of attendees on site: ~450
Average viewers on stream: 13.792

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