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An apology regarding hotel booking - and moving forward

To all attendees,

I would like to bring forth an apology of the organising group to any persons who have, over the weekend, attempted to contact the hotel to book a larger room at ESA Summer.

Without our knowledge or permission, it has come to light that booking within our block of rooms was opened in January to those who were resourceful enough to email the hotel front desk, quoting the event and guessing or not including at all the exact booking code. This has meant, over the past couple of months, the larger rooms have been reserved by those who guessed or found out from friends that this loophole existed. If it helps a little, please be assured that all of these rooms are in the hands of other attendees, and not members of the public.

ESA unreservedly apologises for the trouble this has caused to groups over the weekend.

The Quality Hotel View does not have many larger rooms, 30 in total for greater than two people, so in 2020 we will be implementing a new system. ESA will be reserving, as a block, every room larger than 2 persons, and will undertake a lottery to allocate these rooms. This will happen early in the booking process, and resolved quickly, as there are not many to allocate. Making the best of a difficult situation, we believe that this system will be transparent and fair to all.

ESA would like to remind attendees that we do not over-sell rooms and you pay per person. A twin is a two beds, a quad is four. We believe on this basis the hotel pricing is fair, and represents good value to stay directly above the event. However, it is not the only option, last year a number of groups stayed downtown in other accommodation - it is only 5 minutes by train each way to Triangeln station and little more to Central station. Trains run frequently, start early and finish late, and buses run every 30 minutes during the night. If your budget is especially tight, we encourage you to look at other options that fit your situation.

We hope this clarifies the situation, and if you have any questions, our inbox is open


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