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ESA Winter 2020 - Schedule Release


You can now find the schedules for both stream on our website:

If you wish to re-watch the live reveal, you’ll be able to do so HERE.


Every game that is not part of a schedule is rejected for now, but part of a backup list. As usual these schedules are not completely final. There will be dropouts and changes that have to be made up until the event in February. Every run has the chance to make a comeback depending on what we’re looking for.

SETUP Games: These are buffer blocks that give us an opportunity to tackle delays. The games will be played in their specified timeslot if the marathon is not too far behind the original schedule at that point. If we are, they will be pushed to the end 2nd stream on the same day. Decisions will be made several hours before the run is scheduled. That means all SETUP Games will definitely get shown.

OPEN Blocks: The content of these blocks will be decided on-site. There will be sign-ups at the event open for all attendees and our scheduling team will put together the schedules for these blocks the day before they are scheduled.

What now?

Get your tickets! All information can be found in the Main Post.
All runners are required to have bought a ticket by January 26th.

If you want to know about rejection reasons, if we scheduled a run by accident outside of your availability or if you just have a general question/request, PM either Fatzke#4192, eTho#5871 or Jinny#2406 on the ESA Discord. Mistakes happen, don’t hesitate if you spot one. Necessary changes to the schedule will be backlogged and implemented via fewer bigger updates as opposed to many small ones. Keep an eye on our announcement channel on Discord!

Also contact us if you want to make changes to the estimate or your run in general. Only donation incentives or bid wars are still able to be edited within the submission form and you are encouraged to think about and add them if you haven’t yet.

Thank you for all your great submissions. We can’t wait to see you all in Malmö!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, PM either Fatzke#4192, eTho#5871 or Jinny#2406 on the ESA Discord. We’re happy to help.


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