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Tech Volunteering Applications


It’s time to open the recruitment for tech this year. Tech’s responsibility is to run the stream that everyone at home watches.

This year tech is going to be a smaller, tighter team. Our goal is to recruit 12 volunteers in total. These volunteers will be working alongside six senior tech in teams of two. These senior tech are trusted, returning volunteers who this year have taken on the extra responsibility of being leaders.

Structure of tech this year

These senior tech this year are Tyr, Gael, Linkboss, JohnUK89, Milk and Popeter. These guys will be doing about 24 hours each through the week, supported by Edenal, Planks, and the software team Zephyyrr, Zoton2 and Oromit

The goal is that during the daytime, while the two scheduled people will be there, there will always be additional knowledgeable people around to help. During the night time, of which there will be one or two “antisocial shifts” each, only straightforward single player runs will be scheduled to keep stress to a minimum!

In the future, when we need senior tech, we’ll be looking to past returning tech volunteers who want to continue to support ESA with their time.

What you’ll be doing

As a volunteer, you’ll be working with one of these senior techs for about 12 hours. In this time we you’ll learn how to operate our stream overlay software, mixer, and how to connect consoles. In addition, like all other ESA volunteers, you’ll be required to spend a couple of hours helping out at the registration/infodesk.

For a full rundown in more detail, the YouTube intro videos from last year are still the best place to go. Nothing in our setup has changed since then

Our offer to you

In return for helping, we are offering a ticket for 400SEK and some sort of daily catering while on shift. The exact nature isn’t confirmed, but it’ll probably be pizza take out!

We will show preference to those who are able to stay the full day on Sunday 29th, leaving on the 30th. This is to assist with packing away the streaming area.


Signup here!

If you’ve helped in the past, please write in the notes who you worked with. This will help us make an informed decision.

This form will be open until 1 month before the event, or until a suitable number of volunteers are selected. You may be contacted via discord at any point up to or after the submission deadline for a chat or to let you know you’ve been selected.

If you have any questions, please @Planks in #tech-chat on discord


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