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ESA Movember - Info for runners doing their own fundraising

ESA Movember will be a 3-day weekend marathon at the end of November in aid of The Movember Foundation, the global men’s health charity. Unlike usual ESA events, this is an online marathon that will produced at and hosted from our arena in Växjö. For general event details, please refer to the Master Information Post.

You can fundraise too

As indicated on the main information page, we’re encouraging YOU (yes, you, the one reading this) to do your own fundraising for Movember in the run up to the event. If you have a run during ESA Movember, we’ll announce your fundraising at the start of your run and add it to the total for the event!

Why Movember?

“Stop men dying too young”

Movember is a men’s health charity that focuses on many elements of male issues, but their key target areas right now are raising awareness of prostate cancer, and de stigmatising mental health issues. Prostate cancer accounts for a quarter of all new cancer diagnosis in men in the UK, and 75% of suicides are men. By focusing on early detection of cancer and keeping a close eye on your own and your friend’s mental health, Movember aims to significantly reduce the fatality rate of all men across the board.

How do I get my community engaged?

Getting your community involved is as simple as setting up a fun challenge for them, or you. This could be saying you’ll play a special game once you reach a certain total, or dress up in a silly way, or that you’ll extend your stream by 15 minutes for every donation of a certain size.

To set up a time to focus everyone’s minds on these fun challenges, we suggest you could…

  1. Do a 1-day marathon stream on your own twitch channel with all proceeds to the charity?
  2. Donate a percentage of your donations for the month to charity?
  3. Fundraise for a challenge in real life, like a run or swim?

Each of these requires you send us some slightly different info which we address below

How will ESA handle this?

ESA wants to try to encourage not just donations from our marathon viewing community, but the communities of all of our runners and attendees as well. Here is how we’ll handle your personal fundraising!

Personal marathon

If you do a personal marathon, email Planks ( and he will hook you up with the PayPal address for Movember. Please direct all donations directly to the charity using your alerts platform. After your stream is complete, please export your donation list as a CSV or other spreadsheet from your alerts platform and send it to the same email address. This will serve as proof of donation, and we’ll add your total to the ESA Movember tracker at the start of your run and put it towards a goal or incentive of your choice

Donate a percentage of your donations for the month to charity

This method requires you to collect the donations yourself, and then you will make your own payment to the charity through our tracker at a time that suits you. Please keep a track on your stream of your total donations for the month and what % you are giving. This method may have income tax implications if you are not registered as a business, which we can’t help you with, so take advice from your accountant if this option is the most appealing

Fundraise for a real life challenge

If you’re not a streamer, or if you are but you want to do something outside of streaming, you could use Movember’s own fundraising tools to raise money for a conventional challenge like a long swim or run. Please agree this with us in advance so we are aware of the event, and send us your fundraising link. After verification in late November we can roll your total into the ESA fundraising total and put it towards a goal or incentive of your choice.

Please make sure your fundraising is completed and Planks is informed of all required details by Wednesday, November 21 in order to be included on our stream.

Any more questions - pop them in an email - and we’ll get back to you ASAP


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