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You have been an ESA moderator in the past and you just can’t get enough of us? You’ve been helping at other events and want to try ESA as well? You are new to event moderation but got already some experience with moderation under your belt? Then the following might be of interest to you!


With this post we are opening the mod recruitment for ESA 2018. As it is well known, moderators are responsible for keeping the twitch chats nice and friendly, creating a welcoming environment for everyone who decides to join us!
There will be two streams this year, just like last year, but there will be only one moderation team. So it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on both chats.


Thanks to some fortunate events, both of the ESA head moderators AuraBlackquill and Trollbear666 will be part of the on site crew at ESA this year. The moderation itself will be carried out off-site by everyone who will be joining the moderators’ team.
We are looking for ±20 moderators from all time zones so we have 247 coverage. We are especially looking for moderators in the oceanic time zones (East Asia, Australia and American West coast).
The main stream on esamarathon will be online 247, while esamarathon2 will be offline during the European night time.


As a moderator you will be enforcing the chat rules we have to keep the chats clean and friendly. As soon as you are selected to be a mod, you will get an introduction to our set of rules.


Signup here! ESA 2018 mod signup - google form

We do not carry over mods from event to event, so if you have been a moderator before, you must reapply.

If you have any questions, please @Trollbear or @AuraBlackquill in the ESA Discord or send us a private message.


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