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ESA Summer 2018 Attendee Guide

This year at ESA we have made the switch to a hotel venue next to a major international airport! This means all change as far as travel arrangements are concerned, but only in a good way. This guide has been adapted from the previous year, with changes made as necessary.


This year all of our fundraising efforts are in aid of Save the Children. If you are not familiar with them, please take two minutes to watch the video ‘Who We Are’ which briefly explains the many ways they support children in need of aid and support worldwide. We ask you to remember any time you are on stream your attitude directly impacts the amount we raise for the cause. If you show an upbeat, charity positive attitude then the viewers at home respond to that and will donate to the cause.

Venue Schedule

Thursday 19 July

Full setup day. Attendees are welcome to arrive early on this day, and help build the venue. Please do not attempt to use any area of the event space for gaming as it will be a work in progress.

Friday 20 July

Venue opens to all attendees. Badge collection will be on the first floor (up the wide stairs) and on the left. Please be patient, there may be a queue. While we hope to have the event space fully ready, please recognise that there may be areas still off limits and listen to crew instructions.

Saturday 21 July

Stream 1 begins 16:00 CEST in ÖRESUNDSSALEN. Please find the Stream 1 schedule

Sunday 22 July

Stream 2 begins 14:00 CEST in LUND. Please find the Stream 2 schedule

Monday 23 July - Friday 27 July

Event space is open throughout

Saturday 28 July

Stream 2 ends mid afternoon
Stream 1 ends mid evening
Majority of event space closes after stream 1 ends

Sunday 29 July

Power is turned off to all remaining areas at approx 8:00 AM
Full pack-up day, please help for as long as you can!

Monday 30 July

Departure day for all remaining guests

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is the major international gateway to Denmark and the southern region of Sweden south of Gothenburg. The train station, with direct trains to Hyllie, is located inside the airport.

When you arrive you must collect your bags. There are several routes depending on the gate you arrive at, simply follow signs to arrivals.

Trains run 247 to Hyllie. During the day time they are every 20 mins or less. During the night there is a train every hour.

If you need to buy a train ticket, you need to find one of the the red and grey machines with the sign ‘Tickets to Sweden’. These are located in the train station, next to the escalators. There are also a couple in the baggage reclaim hall, if you have a long wait. Tickets to Hyllie cost the same amount on the day as they do to buy in advance. These machines are card only.

Head down the ramp or elevator to track 1. All Öresundståg trains stop at Hyllie, the first stop in Sweden. You will need to present your national ID card or passport at Hyllie upon arrival.

Malmo Airport

We discourage travel via Malmo Airport. If you must fly to MMX, take the Flygbussarna to Malmo C and then a train onward to Hyllie. This will take about 90 minutes in total.


Hyllie station is located directly below the hotel. Simply head up the escalators and leave the station, you will immediately see the tower of the Quality Hotel View.

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is a McDonalds, Subway and Pressbyran. Slightly further away, there is a Domino’s. Across the road is the Emporia shopping mall, one of the largest in Sweden, with a large range of restaurants, buffets, two supermarkets and a Systembolaget (alcohol shop)

Quality Hotel View

Check in is on the ground floor immediately on the left when you enter the hotel. If you want every person in your room to be able to check in separately, the person who made the booking should email with the real names of all guests. The hotel has 16 floors accessed via 3 elevators, with direct access to the event space from the elevators.

The hotel website has a full FAQ about breakfast, checkout times, etc. Please query with hotel staff in advance if you have any allergies.

The ESA room rate includes access to the breakfast buffet along with the gym and sauna area, all of which are strictly for guests staying in the hotel.

Event registration

If possible, please print and bring your pdf ticket and your merch receipt. This will allow for the quickest sign in process. Badge collection will be within the event lobby the first floor (up the wide stairs) and on the left. Please be patient, there may be a queue.

Your sign in and merch collection will be recorded electronically and you will be issued your badge and any pre-ordered goods.

ESA crew will regularly patrol the event space to ensure all attendees are signed in.

Preparing for your run

If your run is on Stream 1, it will take place in the streaming area within ORESUNDSSALEN. If your run is on Stream 2, it will take place in the LUND conference room.

Oresundssalen is a large hall with other gaming happening at the same time. Lund is a quiet conference room dedicated to streaming, with natural light and a laid back atmosphere.

Please arrive in good time for your run, and introduce yourself to whoever is on tech at the time. We may want to take the opportunity to set up your console on a spare capture station to make sure it works. You should bring with you a bottle of water and a snack if your run is long. If you have sensitive eyes, you may also like to wear some light sunglasses as we require bright lighting for the cameras.

Please check your FrankerFaceZ emote list and temporarily remove any that break the ESA chat rules. If you leave them in situ we may not feature your stream during your run.

The following instructions apply to Stream 1.

When the previous run is finished, you should head to the couch with your equipment and sit down. Someone from tech will come over and hook up video. Before and during your run, you need to wear the provided headset at all times. This will let you speak to tech during setup (2 way comms) and the hosts during your run. Your game sound is personal to you.

Once your video is live on the projector, you are invited to start your run at any time using the big “red” buttons. This year, the VoDs on Twitch and YouTube will start from the point that the stream is live on the projector. To start a race only 1 person needs to press the button, and the overall race timer finishes when the last person presses their button. Individual finish times are displayed on stream.

During your run, if you have any problems, tech can pause the timer. If your game sound is too loud or quiet, or you can not hear your couch/hosts, just ask over the mic and tech can adjust to suit.

Please be respectful to the runners who follow you on the schedule, keep your goodbyes short. This year all extra content has been pre-planned in the schedule estimates. Even if we are ahead, extra time is best saved to account for problems later. Please pick up all your equipment behind you and leave the area as you would like to find it.

Packing Suggestions

You might not need all of these things, but read through this suggested list and to remind yourself

Personal Items

  1. Passport or national ID card (required even for land entry to Sweden)

  2. Travel insurance document, including emergency phone number and policy number

  3. EHIC card if you hold one

  4. In case of emergency card in your wallet

  5. Clothing and sleeping accessories

  6. Comfortable clothes and shoes, the event is over a week long!

  7. Shorts as well as trousers

  8. Swimwear, visit the nearby beaches or swimming pool and spa!

  9. Gear for the nearby skate park built for a VANS competition

    Hygiene & Health

  10. Refillable water bottle

  11. Toothbrush and toothpaste

  12. Hand alcohol gel

  13. Anti perspirant (please use it…)

  14. Headache Tablets.

  15. Earplugs + sleeping mask

  16. Any medications

    Consoles and technical accessories

  17. A 3 metre power strip for the venue. (Available in Kjell and company in Emporia)

  18. Phone charger and spare cable

  19. Power bank phone charger

  20. 230/110v step down converter (if coming from North America or Japan)

  21. Consoles, games, controllers, memory cards and power supplies.

  22. Keyboard, mouse, laptop, mouse mat

  23. USB Stick holding the steam cache of your game data and save files, along with keyboard and mouse drivers and custom profiles


    Swedish outlets have a 220V / 50Hz current and a Euro-type plug. In order to guarantee enough outlets for consoles, chargers etc you should bring a long (3m) power strip with 4 to 6 outlets from your home country and an international adaptor. If you are sharing a hotel, you might want to bring another to make sure there is enough charging outlets (hotels usually only have 1-2 per room).

    If you are coming from North America or Japan where the electricity system is 110V / 60Hz you may DESTROY anything you plug into the Swedish outlets. Most laptop chargers and cellphone chargers are compatible with both systems but it is common for consoles to be single region only. If you are at all uncertain find someone who assist you.

    There will be 110 Volt US outlets available for your US console during the stream.

    Money and valuables

    Sweden uses the Swedish Crown (SEK). For an easy conversion, you can approximately divide by 10 to get the Euro value. Sweden is now a majority card-based economy and every store and kiosk takes card. Before you go, organise a variety of ways to access your money, such as credit cards, cash, debit cards or travel cards.

    The ESA Hotel does not take cash for any transaction. If you do not hold a card with the VISA or MasterCard logo you should obtain access to one as a matter of priority. We strongly advise obtaining a pre-paid international spending card with one of these logos.

    Your passport is a valuable document that is attractive to criminals who may try to use your identity to commit crimes. It should always be kept in a safe place. If your passport is lost or stolen, you must immediately report it to both the local police and the embassy of your country who can arrange for an emergency replacement.

    You should bring with you a supply for all prescription medication you require, and if travelling from outside the EU, a prescription showing that you require it. Please check that your medicine is legal to bring into the EU before travel.


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