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ESA Summer 2018 - First Locks/Cuts and moving forward

With the horrible slaughter out of the way and the first batch of accepted games in the bag we move on closer and closer to the schedule release and ultimately the event in July.

Check out all the games and their current status here:


Total hours submitted: ~695
Total hours rejected: ~289
Total hours accepted: ~71
Total hours pending: ~336
Total hours required to fill the marathon: ~230 (+-10, depending on average run length, setup times necessary etc.)

The status quo

All the games that are accepted will be part of the marathon.
All the games that are still “Pending” will be reviewed again when we make the 2nd set of cuts before releasing the schedule on May 13th.
All the games that are rejected will definitely not show up in the first schedule drafts of either stream, but might still be considered as backups in case of dropouts.

To the accepted runners

If you have not yet done so, now is the perfect time to get your tickets, book your hotel room and plan your travels. You’ll find the necessary information in the General Info Post.

Moving forward

The purpose of the time between now and the release of the schedule is to allow runners to improve all aspects about their submission while also giving us the possibility to look closer at each individual game.
We allowed games that were not even learned yet and have faith that six weeks is enough to reach a level of gameplay and commentary desired for a marathon showcase.

It is now more important than ever to keep your times on the leaderboards up-to-date. This is the first place we will be checking for signs of improvement. Having an up-to-date time and video on there saves us the hassle of trying to find it somewhere else and also saves the game from being cut because we can’t find your time. Make sure to edit your submission should your estimate change, if you have a new video to show off or new information about your run.
Let us also know privately or through the submission form about your availability at the event. We’ll make sure to be mindful of that when creating the schedule.

As already stated in the original post about the submission process, we will reopen game submissions for chase games and unreleased games (info here) again between Thursday, May 10th and (including) Saturday, May 12th.
During that time, all submissions of games which came out before the end of the first submission phase (March 10th) will be deleted.

Of course we will once again be giving out reasons of why runs got rejected. Either shoot us a message on discord or post in the thread on and we will get back to you.

Scheduling Team Information

If you have any questions, post in this thread or PM either Fatzke#4192, eTholon#5871 or IrregularJinny#2406 on the ESA Discord. Non-private PMs may be posted in the thread if we feel they would be helpful to others.


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