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ESA Summer 2018 - Master Information Post

ESA returns in summer 2018 with our flagship speedrun marathon, raising money once again in benefit of humanitarian organisation Save the Children. We are proud to announce that for the first time in two years we are moving venue, and moving city! ESA Summer 2018 will be held in the Quality Hotel View, Malmö

For quick reference, you may be most interested in the following links:
Run Submissions Master Info Post
Event Registration (external via Eventzilla) Forum - Please direct non-urgent questions here, as the replies then benefit all users


ESA Summer 2018 will be open to all attendees from Friday 20 July to Sunday July 29
The marathon stream will run from Saturday 21 July to Saturday 28 July
There will be setup days on Thursday 19 July and Friday 20 July, and Monday 30 July. Attendees are welcome to book their hotel over these days, or longer, and help out with the running of the marathon.

The marathon will be streamed, as usual, on our twitch tv channel

Game Submissions

The game selection crew is lead by Fatzke, assisted by IrregularJinny and eTholon.

The main period of game submissions will be open from Tuesday 20 February and run until Saturday 10 March
First cuts and some accepted games will be Sunday 1 April
Final cuts and first schedule will be Sunday 13 May

There will be an additional submission period between first and final cuts for games that were not released during the primary submission period. Any submissions during this period will be held to an equal, if not higher standard, to those being submitted in February.


We will have the same stream setup that proved itself during the event in 2017:
A main stream running 24 hours from Sunday to Saturday and a second stream running 14-18 hours per day produced by Liva and Malouna from The second stream will start one day later and end about midday through the final day of the marathon.

We will once again be using games declared as Setup Games on the first stream to absorb delays and be able to move those to the second stream if needed.


Attendees who are selected to help on tech, hosting or setup, and who are willing to volunteer 16 hours to their task, will be offered a half price ticket. For tech/hosting this is 4x4h shifts, for setup this is making yourself throughout all of the setup/teardown times.

Volunteer recruitment will open after final cuts are made in May.

The process for volunteer registration is as follows:
Pre-register for volunteering by signing up on Eventzilla (optional)
Wait for applications to take place in May, after the schedule is released
If you are accepted, you will be invited to pay for a half price ticket via Eventzilla


Accommodation is in the hotel itself, and you can book single, twin, triple and quad rooms. The price list is attached below.

Solo rooms: 595SEK per person per night
Double rooms: 399SEK per person per night
Triple rooms: 332SEK per person per night
Quad rooms: 299SEK per person per night

These room rates all include daily housekeeping, free cancellation, a breakfast buffet and access to the gym and sauna area. There is a total of 302 rooms available.

Booking is by directly emailing the hotel, at quoting booking code ESA2018

There will be no mass housing available at ESA Summer. This decision has been taken after a good level of deliberation, and ultimately is to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees. As everyone will be in the hotel together, it will be straightforward to return to your room and rest, shower, change, collect or drop off belongings. We consider that an uncontrolled sleeping hall is no longer appropriate for an event of this size.


The event is situated wholly within the event space of the Quality Hotel View, Malmö. This is a conference hotel in the Hyllie neighbourhood of Malmö. Opposite the hotel is the Emporia Shopping Center one of the biggest in Scandinavia.

Opening hours of local facilities:
Trains to Malmo city centre: 247, every 10 minutes between 0600 and 0000 with limited overnight service
Trains to Copenhagen city centre and airport: 247, no less than every 20 minutes between 0600 and 0000 with limited overnight service
* Full details can be found on the Öresundståg website
Emporia: 1000-2000
McDonalds: 0600-0000
Subway: 0700-2200
Pressbyrån: 0600-2200

Opening hours of hotel facilities:
Breakfast: 0600 - 1000
Bar food: 1700 - 2200
Gym and spa area: 0600 - 2300


Hyllie Station, the first/last stop in Sweden, is attached to the hotel. Trains run directly to Copenhagen Airport and Denmark every 20 minutes (journey time to the airport 15 minutes), and to Malmö city centre every 10 minutes (journey time 10 minutes).

The closest international airport is Copenhagen (Kastrup) which is a 15 minute direct train ride from the hotel. ESA attendees should not use Malmö airport, which is much further by bus and requiring a change in Malmö city centre.

Those travelling from Germany can also look for DB Sparpreis Europa tickets to Copenhagen Central, buying the last leg to Hyllie separately on arrival in Copenhagen. These are usually available three months prior and get more expensive over time.

Parking is available through P Malmö and is priced by the city to discourage travel by car. There are long and short term rates, details are available on the Quality Hotel View website and if you email the front desk they will be able to confirm exact rates that can be added to your hotel room.

Ticket Price

The early bird registration fee (available up to 1 month before the event) is 800SEK. There is a limited number of promotional tickets available for early booking, and for volunteers (see above).

Tickets are on sale via Event Registration (external link)


Game Submissions
Tuesday 20 February to Saturday 10 March

First cuts and accepts
1 April

Full game list and schedule
13 May

Event Registration
After ESA Winter 2018

Volunteer Applications
Open after schedule release, pre registration available via Eventzilla

Event space open
Friday 20 July to Sunday July 29

Charity marathon stream
Saturday 21 July to Saturday 28 July

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