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Runners - What to bring

The following is guidance on what to bring if you are doing a Speedrun at ESA.

Console Runners - Running

For retro gaming, ESA will usually be able provide you with a console for your run. Sometime this is necessary - as first choice ESA is able to capture Component, RGB and HDMI consoles, so for some retro options (NES, N64) we must supply RGB modded versions. If in doubt PM Planks on Discord.

We are unable to provide modern era (HDMI consoles) and you must always bring your own, ensuring your game is suitably patched to be ready to run

You must always bring your own game disc/cart, controller, and memory card.

We have a backup for composite only consoles, which is used only as a matter of last resort.

Console Runners - Practice

ESA has a large amount of CRT TVs and six OSSC stations for you to practice on, first come first served. However, ESA will not be able to provide you with a console for practice, and you should bring your own console, controllers, games and memory cards.

You should bring an additional power strip for the venue, as outlets may be limited.

Sweden has a 230V mains power supply. If you are travelling from the US or Japan you must bring a 230/110V step down transformer. Alternatively, you can buy one from Kjell and Company in the mall opposite ESA.

PC Runners - Running

Generally, we prefer if you run on your own laptop. We can provide an external monitor. The reason for this is that your game will be pre-installed, with all suitable drivers configured in a way that you know you are comfortable with.

If you are not able to bring a laptop powerful enough to run your game, we can provide a PC. These range from i3 to i7s with Nvidia 1060 level GPUs.

Due to capture limitations all setups will be limited to 60Hz output

If you require your own equipment to feel comfortable, you should bring your own keyboard and mouse.

PC Runners - Practice

Our sponsor Elgiganten will be providing no less than 20 complete PC setups for a first come first served practice area.

There will be space to set up your own PC should you bring one yourself

If you require your own equipment to feel comfortable, you should bring your own keyboard and mouse.


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